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Publications in Finance and Economics

Information Reliability and Welfare: A Theory of Coarse Credit Ratings with Anjan V. Thakor, Journal of Financial Economics 2015, 115(3): 541-557.

Correlated Leverage and Its Ramifications with Fenghua Song and Anjan V. Thakor, Journal of Financial Intermediation 2014, 23(4): 471-503.

CEO Overconfidence and Dividend Policy with Sanjay Deshmukh and Keith Howe, Journal of Financial Intermediation 2013, 22(3): 440-463.

Do Envious CEOs Cause Merger Waves? with Anjan V. Thakor, Review of Financial Studies 2010, 23(2): 487-517.

Overconfidence, CEO Selection, and Corporate Governance with Anjan V. Thakor, Journal of Finance 2008, 63(6): 2737-2784.

Green with Envy: Implications for Corporate Investment Distortions with Anjan V. Thakor, Journal of Business 2005, 78(6): 2255-2287.

Career Concerns and Resource Allocation in Conglomerates with Vikram Nanda and M. P. Narayanan, Review of Financial Studies 2004, 17(1): 99-128.

Why Do Firms Smooth Earnings? with Anjan V. Thakor, Journal of Business 2003, 76(1): 151-192.

Working Papers

Do CEO Beliefs Affect Corporate Cash Holdings? with Sanjay Deshmukh and Keith Howe.

Optimal Contracts When Agents Envy Each Other with Anjan V. Thakor.

Irrationality, Asset Pricing and Financial Intermediaries.

Applied Papers

The Problem of Hindsight Bias in Fraudulent Conveyance Cases: A Review of Possible “Market-Based” Solutions with Sumon Mazumdar, Research in Law and Economics 2015, 27: 91-117.

Small Dollar Installment Loans: An Empirical Study with Howard Beales.

Economic Consequences: The Real Costs of U.S. Securities Class Action Litigation with Mukesh Bajaj, Nikolai Caswell, Sumon Mazumdar, and Rahul Surana.

Publications in Other Areas

Easy Weighted Majority Games with Nilotpal Chakravarti and Trilochan Sastry, Mathematical Social Sciences, 2000, 40(2): 227-235.

Deadlock Free Routing in Star Interconnection Networks with C. P. Ravikumar, IEE Proceedings on Computers and Digital Techniques, 1995, 142(6): 395-400.